If you think you've experienced or witnessed sexual harassment and want to talk to someone confidentially, contact NABS:

0800 707 6607 between 9am - 5.30pm

It’s timeTo sign up to sexual harassment awareness training

timeTo training can support you to fulfil your legal obligation to prevent sexual harassment in your workplace.

Your teams will also gain practical techniques to address conflict, behavioural and culture changes and gain a sense of collective responsibility to address this issue by navigating this challenging topic together in a safe and supportive space.

We offer a broad range of affordable training options for businesses of all sizes to ensure we are increasing awareness and understanding of sexual harassment and supporting your teams to create the culture change needed to eradicate sexual harassment.

for more details, including
pricing, please email:
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What’s on offer?

  • A two hour session for up to 20 delegates face to face or via Zoom
  • A 90 minute awareness session for up to 50 or up to 100 delegates via Zoom
  • All sessions are led by our expert trainers

Who is the course for?

  • timeTo Endorsers – who have committed to training their leadership team as a minimum
  • All organisations in the advertising and media industry irrespective of whether they are timeTo endorser companies
  • All individuals at all levels, we recommend your senior leadership team complete the two hour sexual harassment awareness training and all levels attend an awareness session to create impact

How much is it?

  • Sexual harassment workshop (2hrs) up to 20 attendees via Zoom or face to face: £1,395+VAT
  • Sexual harassment awareness session (90 minutes) up to 50 attendees via Zoom: £2,595+VAT
  • Sexual harassment awareness session (90 minutes) up to 100 attendees via Zoom: £3,595+VAT

All prices from January 2024. We can offer discounts for multiple bookings.

timeTo training is insightful, sobering, though-provoking and informative. I can’t stress enough how important this course is for adland – we have a duty to eradicate sexual harassment from our workplaces and this is an essential part of that process. At Thinkbox we are committing to frequent, open discussion about this topic so we can all challenge unacceptable behaviour and support colleagues.”


Zoe Harkness, head of planning, Thinkbox

Course content:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment at work: behaviour that crosses the line and high-risk situations in which it could occur
  • What to do if you have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment: getting help and support after an incident; the role of the bystander; how to report sexual harassment
  • Current legislation: the law surrounding sexual harassment at work and how it affects you
  • Responsibilities at an organisational and an individual level: your company policy; how to help stamp out sexual harassment at work

What delegates will leave with:

  • An increased understanding of what sexual harassment is (whether online or in the office);
  • Why and how it happens in our industry and how people who experience this are impacted;
  • An increased awareness of legal and ethical frameworks and “report and support” options; and
  • An increased level of skill and confidence in challenging sexual harassment.

How can I find out more and sign up?

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